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2love chatroom

Workbook with writing exercises coordinated with each chapter of the text 2. Lab manual that requires you to react orally or in writing to material on the recordings 3.

Self-tests with an answer key for correction Quia eSAM An online version of the Student Activities Manual contains the same content as the print version in an interactive environment that provides immediate feedback on many activities.

It provides the best possible models of German speech. Using a cast of native Germans, it presents several listening comprehension exercises and a pronunciation exercise for each chapter.

In addition, Variation drills practice the same grammatical features as their corresponding activities in the textbook, but appear only in the recordings. The laboratory audio program is available in your language lab or for purchase so that you can listen to the recordings at any time.

Passkey protected premium content includes the Multimedia eBook, interactive practice activities, the complete video in mp4 format, and SAM Audio mp3 files. Eduspace with eBook The online multimedia eBook housed in the Eduspace course management system provides you with the entire text online, integrated with links to a wide variety of resources.

In addition, all textbook activities are interactive. By clicking on a link at the relevant point, you can immediately practice and reinforce what you have learned.

A real-time voice chat feature allows you to complete pair and group activities. Also provided are common expressions you can use to make comments or requests and ask questions.

Terms of Praise and Disapproval Gut. Das ist sehr gut. That is very good. That is very nice. Das ist schon besser. Nein, das ist nicht ganz richtig. Ein Wort ist nicht richtig.

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Nein, das ist falsch. Ich sage es noch einmal. Say Try it again please. General Instructions Nicht so laut bitte. Not so loud please. Would you please listen carefully. Work for a minute with partners. Bring pictures along from home. Morgen haben wir einen Test.

2love chatroom

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Jan 19,  · Sorry For taking so long, My stupid computer deleted it, so I had to make it over again and plus I had a lot of Homework, so the songs are: #1 Here We .

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