Airtel distribution channel

This pack comes with 3 GB of data and minutes of calls to India and local calls, among other benefits.

Airtel distribution channel

Have to maintain required stock of RCVs and recharge for 7 days.

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Number (Toll Free Numbers)

Rural analogous of UDDs. Roles and responsibilities are similar to the UDDs. They have certain some added responsibilities. RS gets certain discount Currently 4. Their roles and responsibilities are the same as the FOS i.

To sell the product and services to customer at right price. They also get RCVs. Retailers get a 2. There is a customer service division CSD which helps in resolving complaints and also provide valuable support in the sales and distribution monitoring.

Identification of issues like network problem, SIM problems, Scheme pending issues etc.

Airtel distribution channel

The respective specified points are given below: It also includes a mindset preparation to deal with different retailer by knowing about the prior relationship and the issues they have. In this process, review of merchandising and stock availability is also done.

Engage retailers in discussion: This is done by explaining the retailers about the present scheme of the company. In this process service related issues and claim pendency if any are also discussed. Transform Relationship with retailers: In this step we try to build relationship by creating an atmosphere of trust and transparency.

This is used in sales acquisition. This chart as shown in Figure 2 illustrates competition mapping. It shows that in this market Vodafone is more dominating than Airtel.

The reason behind it is the better scheme and service provided by Vodafone in this market. Also, bulk activations are one of the main reasons of fewer shares of additions of Airtel.

Corrective steps taken to overcome it: Education of retailers about our schemes Merchandising of various attractive offers through printed posters, banners, hand-made posters etc.

Escalation and resolution of service related issues and claim pendency 5. Some operators are giving faster claim for porting into their service.

Some retailers find it difficult to remember the process; POP giving the information and guideline for this should be distributed to them.

Many time switchover takes after 7 days and this adds to the problem to customer and then to retailer. Proper information should be texted to them if there is any delay with the reason.

Sometimes the service to a ported number stops, and since the MNP APEF after rejection is not sent back to distributor, he is not aware of the problem because of which the service has been stopped. If any deficiency is found in MNP APEF, the same should be communicated to backend at distributor so that corrective measures could be taken to avoid problem to customer as it spreads bad word of mouth.

Star India and Airtel Digital TV are involved in a very public spat around the pricing of the broadcast network’s channels on the DTH (direct-to-home) platform. Broadcasters and distribution platforms (DTH and digital cable) are often engaged in pricing wars, but the timing of this spat is. At airtel, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Know more about our board of directors, board committees, memorandum, article and policies. Feeds Southeast Asia. Channel V Asia is the flagship of the Channel V network. It was founded after MTV Asia parted ways with the STAR TV Network. [citation needed] It was produced and operated from Hong Kong from January until January , after which operations and studios were shifted to Malaysia with some aspects still operating in Hong Kong.[citation needed] Since 1 January

The paper highlights the dynamics of prepaid sales in urban and rural market. Prepaid sale is based on people and channel management. The relationship capital built up among channel partners plays a key role in prepaid sales.

Relationship capital can only be built by developing trust, maintaining transparency and by being a trusted advisor of each channel partners specifically retailers. Retailers are the bottom point of distribution channel as they only sells the product.

Hence they should be handled with sound care.

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January 1, ISBN:Distribution strategy in the Marketing strategy of Airtel – It has wide spread simple and effective channel structure. Company uses 2-Tier & 3-tier distribution network system. Telenor ASA (OSE: TEL; Norwegian pronunciation: [²teːlənuːr] or [tɛləˈnuːr]) is a Norwegian multinational telecommunications company headquartered at Fornebu in Bærum, close to is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations worldwide, focus in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and has extensive broadband and TV distribution operations in.

Distribution Strategy Bharti Airtel This document is a study of the existing distribution strategy and distribution channel of the mobile recharge coupons followed by Bharti Airtel and proposes new product to be launched and its respective distribution structure Group - .

Updated world stock indexes. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. Star India and Airtel Digital TV are involved in a very public spat around the pricing of the broadcast network’s channels on the DTH (direct-to-home) platform.

Broadcasters and distribution platforms (DTH and digital cable) are often engaged in pricing wars, but the timing of this spat is. Airtel is also offering international roaming packs priced at Rs , Rs 1, and Rs 2, in countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, the portal showed.

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