An analysis of the euthanasia pros and cons

If your vet has recommended euthanasia Cat in Crisis: Crashing Many cats who are diagnosed with CKD are in crisis known as " crashing "often because of severe dehydration. CKD cats tend to urinate more as their kidneys deteriorate. They then drink more to compensate for the increased urination, but eventually they can no longer drink enough to keep up with the fluid lost from dehydration, and they crash.

An analysis of the euthanasia pros and cons

There are more than 7 million companion animals that enter into shelters every year. Nearly half of those animals are dogs. Only 1 out of every 3 dogs that enters an animal shelter will be adopted before it is euthanized.

Dog Euthanasia Dog owners who have their pet go missing are rather proactive in claiming their dogs back from a shelter. More thandogs are returned to their owners after coming into a shelter facility as a stray.

About a third of dogs are returned to their owners. Is there anything that can be done to save dogs from becoming another euthanasia statistic? It is estimated that up to 80 million dogs are currently owned by Americans right now.

An analysis of the euthanasia pros and cons

The percentage of dogs owned that came from a pure-bred breeder: The percentage of households that give up pets because of death or a divorce: Of those, approximately 3. The problem with pet ownership, especially with dogs, is that they are considered only part-time members of the family.

Others simply feel guilty about not being around to spend time with their dog and so they give it away.

Would so many households be willing to do so if they knew that there was a 1 in 3 chance that their beloved pet would be euthanized instead of adopted?

Pet Overpopulation Is A Major Contributing Factor It is believed that there may be up to 70 million stray animals living on the streets of the United States at any given time.

The average female dog can have a litter of puppies every year, with the average litter size being puppies. Many strays that are on the streets are former companion animals that were not kept properly indoors or provided with any proper identification so that they could be returned home.

Dogs are loving animals that will protect a family like no other animal.

An analysis of the euthanasia pros and cons

They are fiercely loyal, love kids, but are also a responsibility that must be fully considered. Running budget numbers now, looking for low-cost veterinary clinics and vaccination days, or simply asking someone for help can help to save a lot of the dogs that are headed to the shelters as their final home.

Pets that spend most of their time separated from their families, in kennels, cages, or outdoor runs, are the most likely to be surrendered to shelters. The number of animals euthanized each year has decreased dramatically over the past four decades, from some 20 million in to about 3 million in Dogs that are not spayed or neutered run the highest risk because it shows that they have not been treated to the modern standard of veterinarian care.

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