Disasters are political opportunities

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Disasters are political opportunities

I have no idea how she manages to find headspace to think about that in the middle of the emergency response — truly impressive.

Disasters are political opportunities

Anyway I said I would pick your brains as a first step. The starting point is that disasters like Haiyan are of course moments of acute human suffering. They highlight corruption and political bias: Catastrophic famines in Ethiopia in led to the fall of a dictatorship.

Major changes both good and bad that would ordinarily take decades can occur in weeks or months. Like wars, natural disasters can transform gender relations as they force women and men to break old ways, and discover new ones.

Peace in Aceh More recently, the Asian tsunami prompted a resumption of peace talks between the separatist Free Aceh Movement Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, or GAM and the Indonesian government, culminating in the signing of a peace agreement in August that officially brought a year conflict to an end.

The historic peace deal was followed quickly by the release of Acehnese political prisoners, the withdrawal of government troops from the province, the decommissioning of rebel-held weapons, and the establishment of a government authority to oversee the reintegration of ex-combatants and co-ordinate assistance for conflict-affected communities.

The following year saw a far-reaching autonomy law, giving the long-neglected province control over its natural resources. Coincidentally, the ODI has a new report out on just this subject. Building Back Betterby Lilianne Fan, explores the implications of the Aceh experience, along with the Myanmar cyclone and Haiti earthquake It raises a lot of tricky questions for the aid community about how to respond to wars, natural disasters, or political upheavals.

Better for whom, where, how? Who decides — agencies, donors, governments, affected communities — and how can these decisions be translated into meaningful programming? But it may have a more subtle value as a framing exercise, directing attention towards the need to think long term, even in an emergency.

Disasters are political opportunities

Especially on issues of power and politics: So help us out people.East Valley Water District. East Valley Water District in California was reimbursed for more than $, from FEMA Public Assistance Grants for disaster response to the Old Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest in October How Six Countries Managed Community Recovery After Great Disasters How Six Countries Managed Community Recovery JOHNSON AND OLSHANSKY AFTER GREAT DISASTERS struction can offer opportunities to fix long-standing problems: to improve construction and design standards, renew infrastructure, create new land-use arrangements, reinvent econo-.

COMMUNITY BASED APPROACHES TO DISASTER MITIGATION Lorna P. Victoria, Director, Center for Disaster Preparedness small- and medium-scale disasters, build a culture of safety, and ensure sustainable development for all.

and the susceptibility to political manipulation by powerful groups. Why Tax Havens Are Political and Economic Disasters. political, and social declines Their media outlets and opportunities for political expression have been all but usurped by the handover. opportunities brought by a disaster.

The public deficit may The lack of political influence and economic alter-natives, poverty, and overall disenfranchisement may be at the root of vulnerability, urban or rural. Increased Especially in urban areas, there is little evi-Urban Disasters and Globalization.

Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace Michael Renner and Zoë Chafe June 28, Number of Disasters – Number of Disasters Worldwide, 0 Political Division and Earthquake Zone.

Killings in Jammu and Kashmir Source: South Asia Terrorism.

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