Fight for our rights

Email Print This piece written by blogger and philosopher Joe Jarvis. Unfortunately the most important issues become controversial, which makes them difficult to discuss with a level head. I am not trying to offend anyone, though I am sure some will be offended. The subject however is too important to shy away from, so I hope you will give it some rational thought.

Fight for our rights

After a long battle with discrimination from her own employer, Brandie found a new way to get back, by taking all she learned from her own complaint and fight discrimination throughout the LGBTQ Community.

Every day we are faced with hate and discrimination in our lives, but today we are fighting back and standing up. FFOR focuses on combating discrimination in four key areas: All patients should be able to access health care.

No one should be treated poorly because of who they are. Our company aims to ensure that they can apply for jobs, transition on the job without fear of being fired, and access employment benefits like employer-provided health care, free from discrimination.

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Everyone should be able to access hotels, public transportation, public restrooms, and other public facilities on equal terms. Fighting For Our Rights seeks to break down barriers that keep transgender people from actively participating in public life.

Our company aims to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to attend and complete their schooling free from discrimination. If you have experienced discrimination and want Fighting For Our Rights to help you, see below to learn about our process.The focus of Fighting For Our Rights is getting our message out to the world.

Activist, Brandie DeVore, lends her skills to help further our cause. The focus of Fighting For Our Rights is getting our message out to the world. Watch video · Four decades ago, Judith Heumann helped to lead a groundbreaking protest called the Section sit-in -- in which disabled-rights activists occupied a federal building for almost a month, demanding greater accessibility for all.

5 Basic Rights You Won't Believe We Still Have to Fight For

In this personal, inspiring talk, Heumann tells the stories behind the protest -- and reminds us that, 40 years on, there's still work left to do. Midterm Elections Offer Motivation to Continue the Fight For Our Rights. Friday, November 9, Support NRA-ILA. The votes have all been cast in the midterm elections.

Fighting for Our Rights, we recommend covering two other USCIS civics lessons first: Benjamin Franklin and the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights and Other. Dec 31,  · Fighting For Our Rights is a discrimination-free company, we do not discriminate against anyone.

View all posts by Brandie Rose DeVore Author Brandie Rose DeVore Posted on December 31, Our legal experts fight for air passengers' rights and enforce their claims against all odds. We know the airlines' excuses, fight our way through the paper-warfare and go to court for your right.

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Fight for our rights

1 in Europe: We have already enforced over € ,, for our customers.

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