Medical surgical nursing cover letters

The actual range of disorders that they cover includes a variety of medical conditions, although many med surg nurses deal with patients recovering from surgery. When applying for a med surg nurse position, it is very important to include information pertaining to your education and nurse license on your resume.

Medical surgical nursing cover letters

If nurses are confused, think how patients and families must feel. They indicate that you have education and certification to do a particular type of nursing.

Have an advanced degree or additional certification?

graduate nurse Seeking a medical-surgical position within a progressive medical center Experienced Licensed Practical Nurse with strong patient care skills working within a nursing home setting. Cover Letter Sample. Home. Life at Hopkins; Blogs; Meet Our Students; Connect With Us; I have had the opportunity to work in several settings, including medical-surgical, critical care, and emergency. I am very interested in beginning my nursing career at Johns Hopkins Hospital and believe that my skills and experience prepare me well. Sample Resume Nursing 10 Sample Resume- Medical Office Assistant 12 References 13 Be brief- cover letters should be no longer than one page. Any more and you Emergency and Medical Surgical environments. In-depth knowledge in administration that .

To help avoid any confusion as to which designations should get top billing, there is a specific procedure for displaying your credentials in a uniform way.

This is a step-by-step guide to understanding and displaying your nursing credentials as recommended from the American Nursing Association.

Educational degrees are the most important because they are permanent. Once you earn them, they stay with you throughout your professional life.

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One example of a relevant, non-nursing degree might be if you are a nurse manager and you earned your MBA.

If you do wish to list a second degree, it should go after your highest nursing degree. Licensure Next up is your licensure e. In order to be a practicing nurse, your educational accomplishments are not enough. You must become licensed. Some nursing specialties also require national certification from an accredited certifying body.

Medical surgical nursing cover letters

If you have more than one certification, you can either list them in order of relevance to your current practice, or in the order you obtained them. Ready to take the next step in your nursing career?

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View 21, Nursing Jobs. Style Notes So now that you know the order in which you should list your nursing credentials, what will your signature actually look like written out?

Credentials should be comma-separated from your name and from each other, and they do not include periods. Returning to our prior example: Most important is that you include your credentials on any legal medical documents that you sign, including prescriptions, medical charts, and patient records.

When Should I Include My Nursing Credentials?

Nursing is all about being well educated, keeping patient care skills fresh, and achieving career goals through certification. High-paying nursing opportunities abound.

As an in-demand nurse, you are in control of your career. Check out the best jobs from coast to coast on our job board. Get the pay and career path you deserve. Dawn Papandrea is a Staten Island, NY-based freelance writer who specializes in personal finance, parenting, and lifestyle topics.


Her work has appeared in Family Circle, WomansDay.Medical surgical nursing involves providing care to adults of all ages. Nurses need to provide culturally sensitive care to patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. While doing this, they must adhere to ethical principles of providing nursing care.

Read below for a list of five of the most important nursing skills, as well as a longer list of other skills employers seek in nurses. Develop these skills and emphasize them in job applications, resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

graduate nurse Seeking a medical-surgical position within a progressive medical center Experienced Licensed Practical Nurse with strong patient care skills working within a nursing home setting.

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Medical surgical nursing cover letters

LiquidCompass: BSN-level jobs in hospitals/health systems with highlighted positions for new grads. AJN On the Cover AJN On the Cover. Szulecki, Diane AJN The plus screening and assessment tools to identify sepsis in the ICU, in the ED, on the medical–surgical unit, and outside the hospital.

The authors of our next article, “Environments and Health: Nursing Practice and Particulate Matter Exposure,” provide an overview of.

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