Odysseus as a beggar essay

More Essay Examples on Odyssey Rubric When Odysseus returned to Ithaca, disguised as a beggar, he was accepted into his original home as a guest. In ancient Greece, one never knew when the beggar knocking at the door might be a god, disguised or else watching from above, passing judgment. Odysseus sees the suitors as a threat and slaughters them before they can turn on him.

Odysseus as a beggar essay

The Phaeacians know the rest. They are silent for a few seconds until Alcinous speaks to assure Odysseus that he will be returned safely to his home and to insist on even more gifts for the guest. Odysseus will arrive in Ithaca with treasure surpassing his fair share from Troy, which has long since been lost.

Consistent with their custom, the Phaeacians provide the wanderer safe passage home. This annoys Poseidon who complains to Zeus. Athena meets Odysseus on Ithaca and disguises him as an old beggar so that he can gain information without being recognized.

Analysis The pace slows as the story returns from the fantastic world of the wanderings. These books serve to return Odysseus, at last, to Ithaca; in addition, they further consider two of the most important themes in the epic: One of the controversies in this section of the tale is that the Phaeacians, who are models of hospitality, apparently are to be punished by the gods for their kindness and generosity.

The situation is further complicated because Zeus is the protector of wayfaring strangers and suppliants. As the introduction to Fagles and Knox puts it p.

Adding a touch of sculpture to the plan, Zeus suggests turning the ship to stone within sight of shore and then building the mountain around the harbor. There are two possible loopholes for the Phaeacians. The first is that Poseidon can always change his mind.

When Alcinous first told of the prophecy, he mentioned that the sea god could follow through with the vengeance or leave it undone, "whatever warms his heart" 8. As soon as Poseidon turns the ship to stone, the Phaeacians do decide to appease him before he closes their port forever.

Alcinous quickly promises to stop the trips home for castaways and calls for the sacrifice of a dozen of the finest bulls in hopes of appeasing Poseidon. The other hope for the Phaeacians is textual and was first advocated by the ancient editor Aristophanes of Byzantium.

He pointed out that a slight alteration in the Greek changing three letters has Zeus telling Poseidon to turn the ship to stone but not to close the harbor. This interpretation seems more consistent with the rest of the epic and with the reputation of Zeus.

Unfortunately, we never find out what happens. Now in Ithaca, Odysseus needs protection.Odyssey Essay I, Odysseus, Essay about Odysseus Character – Words I believe Penelope intuitively knew that Odysseus was the beggar but did not want to raise any red flags to the suitors, Odysseus Essay.

Meanwhile, Eumaeus and Odysseus set out toward town in Telemachus’s footsteps. On the way they meet Melanthius, a base subordinate of the suitors, who heaps scorn on Eumaeus and kicks his beggar companion.

By telling Odysseus (the beggar) of her dreams Penelope showed trust in him, but by scheduling the contest of the bow, Penelope showed that she believed her husband was never coming back.

Russo argues that this was only a defense mechanism.

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Odysseus Essay The Odyssey, the king of Ithica, Odysseus, is trying to. abnocsious suitor, voice of suitors, talked back to telemakhos, rude comments about odysseus, arranged the ambush on telemakhos’s ship, ridicules odysseus pretending to be a beggar How does Homer portray the relationship between gods and men in the Odyssey?

Odyssey Essay I, Odysseus, Essay about Odysseus Character – Words I believe Penelope intuitively knew that Odysseus was the beggar but did not want to raise any red flags to .

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The Odyssey. Welcome to the new SparkNotes! Sample A+ Essay; How to Cite This SparkNote; Table of Contents Though Athena has disguised Odysseus as a beggar, Eumaeus warmly receives and nourishes him in the hut.

He soon encounters Telemachus, who has returned from .

Odysseus as a beggar essay
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