Organizational objectives and total compensation essay

The compensation Torahs are defined in order to make non-discrimination in the compensation provided to employees in the organisations. I will assist in explicating the Torahs and ordinances. The compensation Torahs and ordinances are about the same in all the industries.

Organizational objectives and total compensation essay

Hire Writer Women have generally always been paid less than men for doing the same jobs and the Equal Pay Act has been enforced to remedy the issue. Furthermore, the Civil Rights Act of 1 went on to make sure that no person was discriminated against for race, color, sex, national origin, or religion.

This would include areas such as the hiring process; employee reviews, working conditions, promotion opportunities National Archives. This act was the forefront of dissimulating discrimination not only in the work place but also in all business and educational establishments whether an employee, customer, student, or teacher.

Taking the HER Consultant Role There are many things to consider within each company when it comes to creating a total compensation plan.

Hiring a federally contracted employee in the government technology requires a different approach than hiring cashier at a locally owned shop.

While work related laws are pertain to all working individuals not all business are required to function in the same manner. For example, all working individuals are protected from discrimination. However, not al employers are required to provide medical leave to their employees.

The Davis-Bacon Act requires that federally contracted employees be paid a fair salary based on the current salary in the area. There are several varieties in total compensation available for employers to present a favorable plan to a perspective employee. These rules and regulations maintain some type of standardization from a governmental perspective.

The laws and regulations mentioned about were implemented to provide a standard level fairness between employers and employees. They prevent individuals having to be put through high levels of extreme conditions from doing so without being properly rewarded for that tedious work.

Without these laws and regulations companies would have complete control over their company and have the availability to to abuse their power.

The establishment of such laws also created a competitive edge for companies when it comes to hiring and retaining employees. How to cite this page Choose cite format:When creating an organization’s total compensation program, including compensation design, rules and procedures, it is vital that the HR professionals understand and include what is moreover essential to the business and its objectives.

Course Syllabus Benefits and Compensation HRPO Identify the steps to establish a total compensation system 6. Identify key legislation affecting the benefits function of (Numbering system should be linked to SLO - e.g., , , , etc.) Define a total compensation system. Identify objectives of an organization's compensation.

Second, examines the internal and external strengths and weaknesses and how the the company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective.

Organizational objectives and total compensation essay

Third, highlights the traditional and non-traditional rewards and how they are used to meet organizational objectives. T o implement change, changes are always resisted by employees, But a suitable compensation plan reduces the task of the organization to bring about desired changes among the employees with respect to new improved changes such as those related to technology, new processes such as Total Quality Management (TQM).

Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation Essay Sample. As a human resource consultant a client has asked me to explain how certain laws and regulations affect total compensation in his organization. The broad objective of the design of this compensation strategy (i.

e., financial and non-financial compensation) is to integrate salary and benefits into a package that will encourage the achievement of the organization`s objective (Casio, ).

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