Pest analysis of amul

There are many factors which affect the running of the dairy industry, and a PESTLE analysis of the industry is as follows: This is especially true in agrarian economies. Similarly, a company that exports its dairy products must take care to comply with the regulations of its own country, but also of the country to which it wishes to export to. Economic The most obvious economic factor affecting the dairy industry would be purchasing power in the economy as a whole.

Pest analysis of amul

Biofeed develops chemical-less technology to control fruit flies menace Ahmedabad, July 24 An Israeli start-up that uses latest technology to combat fruit fly menace in the mango crop is likely to brighten the prospects of horticulture exports from India.

Israeli firm Biofeed has come up with an environment-friendly and non-hazardous technology to reduce fruit fly infestations in the horticulture crops such as mango, guava, sapota chikoopomegranate and some citrus fruits. Tackling fruitfly menace The company uses GCFR or gravity-controlled fluid release platform to control pests, primarily the Oriental Fruit Flies also known as bactrocera dorsalis, which is considered a destructive pest in fruits.

Estimates suggest about 9 million tonnes of mango is lost in India due to fruit fly infestation. India has been facing repeated restrictions on its mango exports to European nations and other western countries due to infestations of fruit flies.

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Underlining its significance, Biofeed promoter Nimrod Israely said that the oriental fruit fly menace is prevalent across 70 countries affecting different crops of fruits and vegetables. In India, it is the number-2 pest hurting the crops. Having experimented successfully on four mango farms in Karnataka last year, Israely is now taking the technology to other States such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

The company aims to bring about a couple of hundred acres under this technology. For other States, we are looking for government support to reach out to farmers. In Gujarat, we have already signed an MoU with the State government. But in our experiment in Karnataka, we were successful in reducing the infestation by as much as 95 per cent.

Biofeed is also looking to set up a manufacturing facility in the country to make the solution locally.cRARk - free rar password recovery. A command-line utility for RAR password cracking, uses Password Crac.

Pestel Analysis Swot Analysis Of Milk Vita Business Essay. Print Reference this. Published based upon the recommendation by UNDPAZAO and DANIDA in the pattern of AMUL It was initiated as a development project of the Government titled "Co-operative Dairy Complex" with the objective of ensuring fair payment for the deficient, landless .

A PEST analysis of USA with detailed descriptions of the political and other factors that are affecting the external macro environment of the country.

What is the difference between a PEST and a SWOT analysis?

Pest analysis of amul

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Pest analysis of amul

Bring a better painting reproduction to your life. Let's take an example of AMUL Company and their analysis on PEST and SWOT. AMUL's PEST analysis is that as follows, 1) It is Government aided and hence no major issues on the .

AMULStrategic Analysis of Amul 1/24/ Group 4: Anish Gulati () Harsh Rakesh () Naveen Kumar Singh () R 3/5(2). An Israeli start-up that uses latest technology to combat fruit fly menace in the mango crop is likely to brighten the prospects of horticulture exports from India.

Israeli start-up’s tech to beat back fruit fly infestations - The Hindu BusinessLine