Photography coursework books

By niki In CourseworkExercise 3. Mirrors and windowsUncategorized Leave a comment Exercise 3. Marginalised groups such as minority religions, minority sexual groups, different socio economic classes, racial groups, and vulnerable groups can be misrepresented by the photographer.

Photography coursework books

Look up the work of Gregory Crewdson online.

Photography coursework books

Watch this YouTube video about Gregory Crewdson and his work and consider the questions below. During my previous research I had already viewed the video on the link above but I watched it again today.

Do you think there is more to this work than aesthetic beauty? I can relate to this as I have found it hard to connect with some photographic work I have seen which is good only on a technical and aesthetic basis.

For example if I look at some commercial photography or advertising photography, I find it is often well constructed with beautiful lighting often in beautiful locations but the overall photographic experience has left me feeling emotionally cold and disconnected.

On a side note, its interesting to read some of the YouTube comments below the video I acknowledge it can be dangerous to delve into the opinions of on line commentators.

Photography coursework books

All art is subjective. What does this mean? For me I find its often the actors that add the human element look of despair, the stare into the abyss that brings it all together. Otherwise these would just be well lit, constructed, empty spaces both physically and emotionally. They often look off to the side, down at the floor or stare into the nothingness.

The lighting and composition add to the beauty and atmosphere of the shots but its the human element and staging, for me anyway, that provides a lot of that psychological tension.

What is your main goal when making pictures? Why or why not? My main goal when taking a picture varies entirely based on what I am photographing and for what reason.

Whilst taking a photograph of wildlife my goal maybe to capture it in good light to show of the animals distinct colours or I may be trying to capture a funny moment or a decisive moment, something that would make people stop to look at the photograph.

If I were photographing a lion for example my goal may be to capture the majesty of the animal. If I were photographing an animal in the sea or just the oceans in general my goal maybe environmental; to highlight the pollution and rise of plastic in the oceans destroying their habitat. I would like to the think my images do or will share the goal of being considered.

By that I mean applying my learning, knowledge and experience to capture and create images that make people want to look for longer than a simple glance. I would much rather create photography that makes you feel something or gets a reaction from you.

I think it could be more important to capture a moment but its equally important to have the right tools and skills at your disposal to capture that moment. I would like to think the light, placement of actors, props and set have all been considered and are there for a reason because you have a lot of time to think it through.Free coursework on A Memorable Experience In Photography from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing.

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