Qantas globalisation

As such, there are many challenges you will face as you operate your business in this economy. Understanding Other Languages and Cultures The global marketplace, coupled with the ubiquity of the internet, makes it possible for all businesses to play on fair ground. While the culture is quite similar across most western countries, there can be stark differences when the cultures from other parts of the world are considered, such as the east, Africa, and the Middle-East.

Qantas globalisation

Messenger Qantas management has made an early agreement with the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association ALAEA in a deal that reflects compromise by both parties, despite earlier strong rhetoric from both sides.

Qantas globalisation

The ALAEA is seen by many as the most militant of the three unions involved in the industrial dispute. After Qantas dramatically grounded its whole fleet on October 29, these disputes were all referred to Fair Work Australia FWA to arbitrate if the parties were not able to make their own agreements within 21 days by negotiation.

None of the disputes were settled by negotiation during the day period. The parties were not able to agree to changes to a job security clause of the current enterprise bargaining agreement EBA 8so this particular matter would carry over to the next round of negotiations: This means that it should no longer be necessary for FWA to arbitrate in this dispute.

Almost inevitably an arbitrated decision is not completely predictable and may include aspects that might be unpalatable to one or both of the parties. Therefore it is generally better for them to make their own agreements, if possible. This was the first such case under the Fair Work Act.

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This may have been because such a decision was unprecedented under the Fair Work Act, so FWA wished to give it further consideration. Another matter may have inhibited FWA from making an immediate determination: Individual bargaining can complicate negotiations and dispute settlement.

This is in spite of the engineer withdrawing his individual claims during the 21 days of talks. Qantas argued that there were two ways of dealing with this matter: He indicated that the Gillard government, including Shorten, had played a role in encouraging the two sides to make a deal.

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In short, other major aspects of the agreement include: The Australian Financial Review saw it as a Qantas victory: But at this stage similar agreements between Qantas and the other two unions do not appear probable.

However, before then perhaps the influential new Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten might yet intervene behind the scenes to encourage these parties also to make settlements themselves?Broadening our horizons CHAIRMAN’S REPORT CEO’S REPORT FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS REVIEW OF OPERATIONS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE STATEMENT HeadingFor the Qantas Group, / was a year of transformation.

We recorded an Underlying Profit. May 22,  ·  Qantas Globalisation Introduction (Introduction to case/Case background) - In July/August of , three unions, the Transport Worker's Union, Australian and International Pilots Association and the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association began to take industrial action against Qantas, demanding better pay and conditions for.

the impact of globalisation Globalisation impacts operations strategies in both negative and positive ways.

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Global factors that can be used as an operations strategy include global sourcing, economies of scale, scanning and learning and research and development.

LIKE many thousands of other travellers, your correspondent had been planning a journey this week with the Australian airline, Qantas.

Qantas globalisation

Then, out of the blue, came an announcement at 2pm on October. Globalisation, combined with technology, is an advantage for tertiary industries when corporations can sell services on the global marketplace without relocation.

They . 1 | P a g e Case study: QANTAS Topic 1- operations Role of operations management contributes most directly to business revenue employs normally the majority of the labour resources interfaces most directly with the business customer/client; Strategic Role of Operations Management The operations allow Qantas to achieve long term survival.

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