Statistic manager

Prepare the Listener host machine by installing the Redis in-memory caching system, and by ensuring that you have installed the appropriate certificates. Install the Listener service on the host machine. Install the Website on the host machine. Install an Agent on each Skype for Business Server machine you wish to monitor.

Statistic manager

When the Optimizer needs to know information about a table, it looks at the table description to retrieve the row count and table size. If an index is available, the Optimizer might extract information about the data in the table.

In SQE, the collection and management of statistics is handled by a separate component called the statistics manager. The statistics manager leverages all the same statistical sources as CQE, but adds more sources and capabilities.

The statistics manager does not actually run or optimize the query. Instead, it controls the access to the metadata and other information that is required to optimize the query. It uses this information to answer questions posed by the query optimizer. The statistics manager always provides answers to the optimizer.

In cases where it cannot provide an answer based on actual existing statistics information, it is designed to provide a predefined answer. The Statistics manager typically gathers and tracks the following information: Cardinality of values The number of unique or distinct occurrences of a specific value in a single column or multiple columns of a table.

Selectivity Also known as a histogram, this information is an indication of how many rows are selected by any given selection predicate or combination of predicates.

Statistic manager

Using sampling techniques, it describes the selectivity and distribution of values in a given column of the table. Frequent values The top nn most frequent values of a column together with a count of how frequently each value occurs. This information is obtained by using statistical sampling techniques.

Built-in algorithms eliminate the possibility of data skewing. For example, NULL values and default values that can influence the statistical values are not taken into account.

Metadata information Includes the total number of rows in the table, indexes that exist over the table, and which indexes are useful for implementing the particular query. Estimate of IO operation An estimate of the amount of IO operations that are required to process the table or the identified index.

The Statistics manager uses a hybrid approach to manage database statistics. Most of this information can be obtained from existing indexes.

Statistic manager

In cases where the required statistics cannot be gathered from existing indexes, statistical information is constructed on single columns of a table and stored internally. By default, this information is collected automatically by the system, but you can manually control the collection of statistics.

Unlike indexes, however, statistics are not maintained immediately as data in the tables change.After Statistics Manager is installed and running, you need to import the Skype for Business Server topology so that Statistics Manager knows the Site, Pool, and Role of each server.

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Dec 08,  · Introduction Statistics Manager is a recently-delivered tool from Microsoft for viewing real-time Key Health Indicator statistics for your Lync or Skype for Business deployment.

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