Term paper on banking

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Term paper on banking

Indeed, the financial system is often referred to as the engine that drives economic growth and development.

Term paper on banking

Through the financial system, surplus funds savings are transferred to deficit units borrowers. The transfer of funds from savers to borrowers through the financial system is an important function in the economy as it facilitates borrowers to undertake numerous projects leading to investment, output production and economic employment.

These functions are very crucial for economic development in a country Nel, Therefore, the importance of a financial system alongside the elements associated with it towards economic growth and development cannot be overemphasized.

Within the financial system, banks play the most crucial role. Indeed, the significance of the banks originates from their ability to create credit and also the role of accepting liquid deposits and creating illiquid loans needed by borrowers.

Converting liquid deposits into illiquid loans is known as asset transformation which enhances welfare by allowing entrepreneurs to access funds needed for investment.

Term paper on banking on banks often originate from the existence of information asymmetry between banks and depositors. Such runs are often driven by rumours and can have very detrimental effects on banks. In most cases, they can lead to sudden collapse of a bank. Consequently, depositors may end up losing confidence in the banks viewing them illiquid.

Panic among depositors often encourages massive withdrawal of deposits which could be limited to one specific bank or several banks through contagion effects. Serious policy challenges are often associated with the consequences of failures in the banking and financial system.

Almost all countries have been afflicted by bank failures irrespective of whether they are developed or developing. Unfortunately, the trend is envisaged to continue into the foreseeable future. The absence of explicit and well-defined scheme for protecting depositors has been associated with extensive panic and anxiety in the wake of rumours on bank failure.

Banks need to undertake measures towards the attainment of optimal contracts that can facilitate the stability of banks.

Theoretical Literature Review Principles of liquidity risk management in banks Liquidity is associated with the ability of a bank to meet its obligations on time while at the same time funding increases in assets- without incurring unnecessary losses.

Banks are inherently susceptible to liquidity risks due to their nature of business; maturity transformation of short-term deposits into long-term loans Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, All financial transactions have some underlying implications on the liquidity of a bank.

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By undertaking effective management of liquidity, it is possible to ensure that a bank is able to meet its obligations related to cash flow.

However, uncertainty is always associated with cash flow obligations of a bank as they depend on diverse external events and behavior of other agents.

The management of liquidity risk is highly important and relevant in that any shortfall in liquidity in one bank may lead to repercussions throughout the entire financial system. Moreover, the recent developments in the financial markets have further increased the complexity of management of liquidity in banks.

The global financial turmoil that began in mid demonstrated the crucial role of liquidity in the effective functioning of financial markets and particularly the banks. Before the crisis, there was a progressive buoyancy of asset markets and readily available funding at very low cost.Wherever you go, we’re right there with you.

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