The phantom menace richard weakland

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The phantom menace richard weakland

The phantom menace richard weakland

Cinema Genres; Mythology; Narrative; Print Culture; Pulp Fiction; Science Fiction; Spy Fiction; Thrillers; Video Games; Video Game Effects] Adventure stories sometimes called action stories are narratives involving heroes or heroines who defeat villains by using superhuman strength and intelligence, or other rare attributes.

The stories are as old as human history. Historical Sketch The adventure story has been a popular genre throughout time and across cultures, revealing its universal appeal and manifesting a universal structure of cognition embedded in the narrative. Many stories from the ancient world, which were based on actual historical events or on how they were thought to have occurredincorporated adventure in their narrative frameworks.

More generally, the medieval adventure plot would typically involve romance between a hero and a lady, with the hero going through a series of adventures and challenges before meeting his paramour.

The two would be separated by a second set of adventures, only to be reunited at the end in a felicitous reunion. In the late eighteenth century the adventure plot started developing variations to the basic hero-and-his-lady formula, with writers such as Sir Walter Scott, Victor Hugo, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

The words pulp and dime refer to the fact that the magazines and the novels were produced cheaply, in contrast to those published on higher-quality paper, called glossies or slicks. They were written in a sensationalistic style, attracting mass audiences.

The phantom menace richard weakland

Given their popularity, the pulps provided the scripts and style adopted by the early movie serials, such as those made by Republic Pictures in the s and s. Adventure pulps and the other pulp genres were not devoid of literary The phantom menace richard weakland.

Dick, Zane Grey, Robert A. The writing of contemporary authors such as Stephen King and Anne Rice is cut from the same literary fabric as that used by such pulp writers.

The adventure genre found a natural home in the comic book medium early in the twentieth century. While the Sunday newspaper comic strips were originally designed for children, the daily comic strips were intended to attract adult audiences.

The comic book adventure hero genre began with the publication in of Tarzan and Buck Rogers — the former adapted from the novels of writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both comics became instantly popular. InAction Comics started publishing its Superman comic strip, co-created by the same Siegel and Shuster duo.

So popular was the strip that, barely a year later, a series of comic book super-hero clones started cropping up across the American comic book landscape. It could be claimed that the adventure story is a kind of architext, constituting the prototype from which subsequent texts or genres are derived — for example, the Iliad is the architext on which many adventure stories involving a valiant hero, a journey, and conquest have been subsequently based.

Martin Green points out that there are seven main types of adventure tales, but that all of them share common elements. The story starts with a statement or portrayal of the situation that requires the intervention of a hero or heroine, who then sets out to accomplish the objective posed by the initial situation.

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The protagonist faces a series of physically and intellectually challenging trials, which he or she overcomes, often with the help of a partner 8 Adventure Stories or sidekick which may also be an animal, such as a horse, or a machine, such as a cartriumphantly reaching the objective at the end.

This suggests that the adventure hero or heroine is an archetype, as Carl Jung suggested, an idealized human being who rises above the world to lead it in some way out of its darkness.

Unlike Holmes, however, House has not one faithful sidekick Dr Watsonbut several, including a longtime friend, the servile doctors who work under him at the hospital, and his female boss.

The traditional hero code was forged in the ancient myths. It is this code or its variants that surfaces in various guises and forms in modern adventure stories. In mythology, he or she was typically an individual, often of divine ancestry, who was endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his or her bold exploits, and who played a positive role in human affairs.

Modern-day audiences feel the need for the hero archetype as intuitively as did the ancient ones who watched stage performances of the plays of such Greek dramatists as Aeschylus, Sophocles, or Euripides.

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The modern comic book superhero, thus, is an updated heroic persona suitable for the times in which we live. And like the ancient heroes, Superman is devoted to saving humanity from itself.

Superman embodies all the heroic virtues that human beings, in their weakness, aspire to possess. The same archetypal code manifests itself in other adventure heroes, albeit in varying forms and with different emphases. Two thematic elements that have entered the modern-day adventure narrative are occultism and conspiracy.

Adventure stories such as Hellboy involve occult forces as ingredients in the adventure formula, while stories such as National Treasure add a conspiratorial subplot to the adventure frame. They are not departures from the basic adventure formula; they simply extend it.

In the conspiratorial narratives, the hero attempts to unmask some conspiracy or plot against a nation, group, or person. Conspiracy was also an element in ancient stories as well, but it has come to prominence today in an age where assassinations the JFK and Martin Luther King assassinationsUFO sightings, and the like are perceived to be part of larger conspiratorial government agendas.

This would explain, in part at least, the popularity of such novels as The Da Vinci Code and its various imitators.


Of the more contemporary adventure superhero narratives, Watchmen released in as a graphic novel is particularly interesting. In this case the hero, Rorschach, 9 is a demented vigilante with a morphing inkblot mask hence his name, which refers to the Rorschach technique in psychology and the villain is someone called the Comedian.

Both Rorschach and the Comedian are strange characters, seeming parodies of the ancient heroic and villainous archetypes. The movie, as with many other postmodern narratives, reverberates with moral ambiguity rather than certainty as in the traditional adventure stories.Part of a tutorial on using Solarium in conjunction with Apache SOLR.

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