Zara h m and benneton supply chain

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Zara h m and benneton supply chain

This is a very big question, with many facets to be explored. I look forward to following the discussion. My immediate thoughts are that there is some conflict, some consistency and some dependency.


The two approaches will have differences in their relationships with agility. For now, I will stick to the similarities with the intention of returning to the differences as the discussion progresses. In both approaches, lean practice has transformed the downstream stages of the supply chain, scheduling according to demand pull, and generally increasing agility.

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The effect is to move the pull-push boundary, and stock holding, upstream in the supply chain. Responsiveness relies on the availability of resources to meet demand.

Excess stock in the supply chain, and the practice of increasing batch size to create efficiencies, are directly in conflict with responsiveness. This might suggest a correlation between lean and agile.

The relationship between lean and responsiveness becomes inverted. It follows that responsiveness and agility may have a dependency on leanness, as depicted in Figure 1.

In any complex and dynamic environment the lean state requires some NVA activity. Is it possible to achieve best practice, zero NVA activity, zero waste without innovation and experimentation?

Whilst agility would appear to have a dependency on leanness, I have difficulty in convincing myself that the dependency is mutual. Lack of agility increases waste muri and mudabut that is not quite the same as agility making the supply chain more lean.

Zara h m and benneton supply chain

The problem is with respect to eliminating unevenness mura. Agility is all about dealing with a change… change in dynamic environments… more dynamic than the originators of lean manufacturing envisaged and, arguably, more than the average lean practitioner is likely to experience.

Moving away from manufacturing assembly operations — to process and service industries — the application of lean techniques have been less successful. My roots are in process industries and fmcg. In fmcg supply chains, responsiveness to unpredictable demand can be fundamental to business success.

Optimum positioning of the pull-push boundary, and carrying appropriate levels of stock at the interface, are hugely important. Products at risk, and managing inbound supply. Another factor that frequently gets overlooked, is that retailing is not driven entirely by consumer pull.

Retailing is a complex combination of push and pull. And this is not just in-store: I am conscious that readers may interpreted my stance as being somewhat anti-lean. As I commented at the outset, this is a very big question, with many facets to be explored.

I look forward to following the discussion with interest, and I hope my readers will too!The Agile Supply Chain Competing in Volatile Markets Martin Christopher Zara, the Spanish fashion company, provides a good example of this hybrid supply chain strategy [7].

Zara is one of Spain’s most successful and most dynamic apparel companies, producing fashionable clothing that appeals. “It would be smart for international brands like Zara and H&M to come in [as soon as possible] not just because of this, but because their prices serve the Iranian majority and are culturally.

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As do Zara, H&M designs clothes based on international tasted. Zara’s competitive advantages are highly sustainable and have pumped the company’s success in Europe. As we know, the main competitive advantages are a low level of inventory, an efficient . Zara, however, breaks all the fashion supply chain rules by holding low stock and updating its collections continuously.

Through its ‘just-in-time’ method, Zara can get product from initial. Gap Inc. is an equal-opportunity employer and is committed to providing a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

We are committed to recruiting, hiring, training and promoting qualified people of all backgrounds, and make all employment decisions without regard to any protected status. Zara's possible competition may include H&M, Gap, and Benneton's or any men's and women's fashion retailer.

Mr. Salgado is the head of IT for Inditex and is concerned that the point-of-sale terminal used for Zara must be upgraded in the event their hardware vendor decides to upgrade their machines.

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